Problem printing 9x12 from Epson XP-330

Feb 19, 2018
I'm trying to print greeting cards (set up to fill 1/4 of a 9x12 sheet, in landscape orientation) from a 2017 MacBook Air running High Sierra 10.13.3 on an Epson XP-330 printer. I can print cards on 8.5x11 paper in landscape orientation with no problem. But when I ask it to print a 9x12 sheet in landscape orientation from Pages 6.3.1, while the sheet looks just fine on the Pages layout, it prints in a twisted position--half the picture runs off the page, and the part that does print is shifted 90 degrees from what it should be. If I change the Page Setup to portrait orientation what I get on the screen looks like what I am getting in the printout. (I have not actually tried printing when it looks like that on the screen.) If I export the file to a PDF the image prints correctly, but while the preview shows it flush with the right-hand edge it is actually set in an inch. If I export the file to Word for Mac (2011) (and print from my early 2014 MacBook Air) it is correctly positioned but the lat half inch or so does not print. If any of you have any idea of what I am doing wrong and how I could fix it, I'd appreciate hearing that. Thanks.

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