Problem printing on Matte Paper on Epson Artisan 810

Dec 1, 2014

I purchased a pack of Royal Brite Matte White Photo Paper last year and I got alot of great prints out of that. However, I just recently purchased another pack of the same paper today and my prints are coming out fuzzy for some reason. According to the paper, both sides are matte coated. Also when I print out colors that are supposed to be flat colors, they come out grainy and almost as if the ink wasn't absorbed in certain areas. I checked the print heads they were fine. I checked the files and they were good resolution 300dpi. I also tried other photo glossy papers and the prints came out fine. (flat colors were not grainy but seamless as they should be). So, my conclusion is that it is the paper. Is it possible that the paper may not be coated or is there another way to set the printer to print correctly on the matte paper?

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