Samsung (laser printer) CLX-3175fn horizontal smudges

May 13, 2013
I've tried replacing the toner and the symptom remains (pictured), so I'm assuming something needs to be cleaned, but having trouble determining what exactly. Hoping I can figure that out before digging into the imaging drum area and just attempting to clean random things. The only interesting fact I can identify is that the smudges disappear after the first or second page each time I need to print something; subsequent pages are clean. Then some hours or even days later when I need to print something, the same thing happens again, almost as if something is happening as the printer cools down, and goes away as it warms up. Maybe excess toner is settling on the drum after the printing has completed and everything's cooling off, waiting to hitch a ride on the next print job? I feel like i CAN figure this out and fix it, but I'm running out of ideas.


  • 114232.JPG
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