Scanning Photos & Printing Photo Quality Wildlife Photos

Dec 30, 2018
Seasons Greeting to you all.
Peter here I hope I can get some help from the forum. Is a bit long winded but bare with me please.

My elderly best friend is a life long amateur naturalist, he is not very computer conversant, he doesn't even own one. In the past he has taken photos of birds, butterflies etc,using an SLR mechanical camera and having the photos developed.

His younger partner, she is much more computer conversant has a laptop etc. Due to her my friend bought a hi spec Nikon Cool Pix P900 digital camera and an Epson EXP 547 printer, he has used Epson premium gloss photo paper.

He has taken some beautiful photos of wildlife. He said I could make copies of his photos, to sort of put in a frame, photo montage.

Unfortunately as my friend is not very tech savvy, he wiped the photos off his sd card. I Googled recovering deleted photos from SD card but he says they have gone.

He is willing to lend me his photos. I'm thinking of scanning them into my printer and printing out the photos, keeping the scanned copies and putting these an SD card for him.

I'm afraid I'm not very tech savvy myself. I can buy a refurbished printer from Ebay the same as his but I don't want too if I can use mine and get quality photos.

I have a Canon PIXMA MP282 and I refill my own ink cartridges. Resolutions, scanning DPI etc I find rather confusing. I'd like to know if my Canon, in scan and print mode will print out faithful reproductions of his photos? Any advice on photo printing paper so can shop around for best quality and price?

Many thanks.

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