Toner Level Notification

Oct 29, 2012
I tried to install latest driver(s) for Dell 5200 by downloading anything that looked right. Afterwards, when printing, I used to get a picture of a cylinder with the level of toner left filled in in black in the cylinder, like a 'water level'. I must have downloaded correctly.
For no reason, this has disappeared and I get nothing when I print except 'Toner Level Unknown' or similar and empty space where the 'cylinder' was.
Terry Critchley
Oct 29, 2012
You can try to change the Settings of your Printer in the Dell All in One Center Software using the following 2 instructions sets.

1. Click "Start" and then "Programs" or "All Programs" (depends on your version of Windows).

2. Click "Dell Printers" and then "Dell All in One Center."

3. Click the "Maintain/Troubleshoot" tab in the new window, then click on the "Ink Level" link. Click the "Advanced" and, finally, "More Options."

4. Click the option button next to the "Never display the printing status" label. If the option is enabled then disable it by unchecking the bock. Click "OK," and exit the Dell All in One Center application. The Dell All in One printer should now display low ink warning messages before printing.

Option2:Changing Dell Printer Toolbox Settings

5. Click "Start" and then "Programs" if using Windows XP. For Windows Vista or Windows 7, click the "All Programs" tab on the Start bar.

6. Click the "Dell Printers" program tab, then click the "Toolbox" link. Wait for the Dell Printer Toolbox main window to appear.

7. Click the "Settings" button near the center of the window. When the "Dell Printer Preferences" window appears, click the "Advanced" tab and then the "More Options" button.

8. Click and disable the option next to the "Do not display warning or status messages." Click the "OK" button to confirm changes to the printer's settings, then exit the utility. The printer should now display low ink or toner messages.

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