Transparency always prints white

Sep 1, 2021
I have a OKI C711WT printer. I make the black background transparent in a B&W drawing in Corel paintshop pro 2018 and save it
as a PNG file. When I print it the transparent background always prints white.
Any suggestions?
Sep 9, 2021
The problem could be the settings in Corel PSP. I don't use this programe but a Corel forum might offer some advice. For example do you have a white layer underneath the transparency that might be showing? What is the colour depth of the Corel file eg 24 bit rgb? A 1 bit line art file will not have any transparency information. What happens if you select the background and delete it?

There may be a setting on your OKI printer to disable "White" printing which may solve the problem.

Kind regards

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