Trying to obtain correct HP Envy 6032 model, Admin password

Jun 30, 2021
I thought I had a problem with my printer as it had flashing lights and was just that the Instant ink service was paused and I've now resumed the instant ink service. I was looking to reset the printer to factory settings before I fixed the problem.

My questions is: Where can I find or obtain my correct pin/admin password?

I have looked under the cover of the printer is it shows a Pin with letter and numbers, tried that but incorrect, I then tried
the numbered pin below that (next to a lock picture) and it also said incorrect.

I'm a bit worried that I cannot find my correct pin, can anyone suggest anything please ? I would like to know my correct pin for future use.
I've tried accessing the printer via the web address but it's asking for an administrator password that I don't seem to have. Do HP setup a password and not tell the owner? Can anyone help please, thank you.

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