Unable to connect MFC-J625DW printer to my Linux openSUSE Tumbleweed

Aug 10, 2021
I am unable to get anything to print after installing the printer driver using, "Driver Install Tool".

I can ping the printer in my local network, checked, there are no firewall rules blocking the connection. I got scan-lite working over the same IP for the scanner, but printing doesn't work. I tired several things with no success.

I am on openSUSE Tumbleweed using CUPS, I had printing working once, but had to do a fresh reinstall of Linux and now I am unable to setup a working printer.

openSUSE had a Printer "Connection Wizard", for network access, there are 3 options:

- TCP Port(AppSocket/JetDirect)
- Line Printer Daemon (LDP) Protocol
- Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)

Which one is the best choice?
What should the connection Queue Name be?
What should the connection URL look like?

I did print out the network setting and user setting from the Printer via the menu, but not sure how to proceed now.

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