Weird magenta/cyan issue

Jan 21, 2024
Hi there,

I have a very odd problem with my HP LaserJet 500 Color M551. It does not appear to be cartridge-related - I swapped out the cartridges, with no success.

It would be easier to explain with a picture... but I'll do my best. If I print a full-page image that contains sections at the top involving the magenta cartridge, and sections at the bottom involving the cyan cartridge, the magenta parts will leave "echoes" in the cyan, approximately 3.75" below. The echoes will show up as faded areas in the cyan (not as magenta-colored spots).

For example, if I type magenta text at the top of the page, and fill the whole bottom of the page with cyan, the magenta text will be repeated in the cyan as faded blue.

Yellow and cyan at the top don't have the same effect on the cyan at the bottom; and black BARELY does (I can see a very slight outline of the black text in the cyan if I look really closely). Only cyan suffers from the echo - if I fill the bottom with magenta, yellow, or black, it's fine.

Any insights would be very welcome. I'm really hoping this is not an expensive fix.


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