Weird stains in printer's head

Jun 13, 2021
Product: HP F2280
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-Bit)
Hi, I have been using for the past months an old (but unused almost new) HP F2280 printer with no problems, but after the color cartridge was low on ink, and I tried a refilled cartridge, never again a color cartridge worked, the color light keeps on blinking, I bought 2 new cartridges but nothing, I noticed later that on the color's printer head (left one) it looked weird compared to the black one (right one), it has some weird stains that won't come off, I tried warm water and isopropol alcohol, I think it burned maybe? I attached an image, any light on what might be the problem is appreciated

PD: The black cartidge works fine, when I place the black cartridge in, the blinking light for black stops and it prints in black just fine.
PD2: I already tried all the printer resetting that are on the specific HP F2280 website

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