WF-7620 Print problem

Oct 31, 2021
Hi, can anyone help with this please?

I have a workforce wf-7620 printer. I can print status sheets, text files and photocopies to plain paper in cartridge 1 no problem. However, when i am in Epson photo print, I tell it to print to plain paper cartridge 1, it loads the paper to print head and then i get paper jam message, every single time. I put glossy sheet via the rear sheet feeder and tell it to print the photo and it "jams" in the same place. Same on photocopy if i use glossy paper.

If i go back into microsoft word and load a doccument with pic & text, prints fine to plain paper but it will not print if i select best quality, it jams in same place???

It does not say the paper is wrong type etc, it just says paper jam. It is only on photos, no matter what software i use for them. text and basic graphics print all day long with the plain paper without any "jamming".

Any ideas at all as to what is causing it. I have removed and reinstalled the epson software. It has the latest driver and firmware. Still doing the same. Please help if you can?



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