Black colour not printing with Canon MG6450

Jan 7, 2018
I have Canon MG6450.

I purchased a black and yellow cartridge, because it said they were empty.

I try to print a black and white picture, but nothing is printed. If I try the nozzle test the BK prints as a grey field.

I think the PGBK might be empty. But a black and white picture could still be printed right?

I also trying all of the cleaning available on the printer.

I tore off all the orange tape.

best regards, Borut
Feb 20, 2022
Mg6450 needs all the colors to print B&W. If you do cleaning especially deep cleaning the printer uses a lot of ink for that and almost empty color cartridge will run out.
Mar 4, 2022
This is how the nozzle print should look, the mg6450 need the pgbk to be flowing as shown in the attachment to print black text. How many pages has your printer done? this will be on the bottom of the nozzle check, if its readable depending if the black is printing enough to show this information
Nozzle check sharpen outline on.png
Apr 11, 2022
You can try different ink cartridges to see if they fit your printer. Sometimes the cartridge that comes with your printer has the black colour in it. Try the following:
1) Try another ink cartridge from the box - this can also be different from the one in your printer
2) Change the paper quality in your printer settings - this can be done by going to Printers and change Printer papers style, add black colour, and change black colour in ink cartridge
3) Try another printer paper type - this can also be different from the one in your printer

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