Brother HL-3140CW colour printing white patches

Jun 27, 2020
This started happening recently and for the life of me, absent of buying new toners/drum units (would probably be more sensible to just buy a whole new printer if the latter), I can't seem to figure out what is causing this... I have tried following various guides+videos of cleaning/wiping the toner rollers / the drums and just now the belt as well.

Nothing at all is having a visible impact on the printing and the issue seems to only be happening on the colours (CYM) - if I do the printer's own test printer (in B&W!) everything looks fine.

What is odd also is I actually a while back replaced all the colour toners and they are showing as 80+% full and the drum units similar - I did not replace the black toner at that time since it still had ink left.

I've attached a picture to show the issue and would very much appreciate any suggestions...


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