Brother HL - L2366DW How to make it print with standard color and pattern

Apr 6, 2018
Hello everyone,
I am a new one in this forum and i am looking forward to receiving your help so much. My company purchased a new printer from Brother - Model: HL - L2366DW. The problem is it always prints with the fault color and pattern, sometimes with terrible looking. I tried all configurations as i could through my experiences with the machine but the problem is still available. The machine is very hard to use for all staves in my company. One printout must be conducted even more than 5 times to have a so so looking result. It is completely worse than our company's former HP LaserJet 1020. Along with this question, i will attach 2 images: 1 is the original file i wanted to print, another is the result. So could someone show me how to make that printer be able to print a standard printout, please? Thank you so much.
Image needs printing.jpg

The result.JPG
Sep 6, 2018
Good day.

I hope the image quality will be better. If this is a scanning try doing it at minimum 300dpi quality and avoid using a lossy compression format (like jpeg - or use high quality low compression jpeg). You can also soften the image prior to printing to avoid moiree patterns and such. If original image is fine then those banding lines when printed look suspicious and might be something hardware related.

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