Brother LH-3230 set up problem

May 13, 2020
Hi, I have a Brother LH-3230 CDW laser printer ready to replace my Dell laser that is making awful noises and sounds terminal. I am hoping it keeps going long enough to use up what toner I have left. So I put the 3230 on a windows 10 laptop with a USB connection. just to try it out. I can print a test page from windows and print the 3 pages of printer settings. But if I right click on a photograph and try to print I get a cannot reach this printer message. The 3230 is set as default printer in printers and does print a test page.
I eventually intend this to be a network printer but am waiting until I have used up the toner on the Dell and had some building work done before I set this up. Has anyone any ideas how I might get round this problem at the moment please?

Regards Quez


Apr 1, 2020
Did you have a disk to load the drivers from or did you let Windows search for them? If the latter, go to brother website and download the driver and install it. (after you have removed your printer install.) Run the install and follow directions. Don't plug usb in until instructed to.

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