Brother MFC9970cdw - scan bar returns to start and just clicks.

Aug 21, 2017
Issue / Cause: Unknown - Loaded 6 pages in ADF, pressed scan (to USB) scanned 4 and 1/2, beeped said paper jam. Opened ADF removed documents, (No tears or jams). followed LCD pressed stop and went to re Scan. Upon starting The scan bar heard to start and then a continuous clicking foe about 20 to 30 seconds a beep then a AF fail message see manual. Error will not clear with power cycle. Unable to print or scan.

Diagnostics: First thought ADF, REchecked paper path, roller etc. - NO problems.
Then checked scan bar, unable to see. Downloaded Tech manual. Removed toner to check if clicking occurred there, still clicking. followed manual removed ADF. still clicking. Removed glass platen to observe scan bar. Scan bar stays all the way to the left and clicking when power cycled. Moved the Scan 2 inches to right power cycled. Scan bar returns to the left until it bumps the case and clicks for 20 -30 seconds, error code (see manual). Moved Scan bar 3/4 total travel to right, power cycled. Scan bar returns to park approx 2 inches from left. press Stop or scan and Scan bar moves left to end of case and clicks.

Thoughts It may have been a end of travel mico switch failure, No Switch seen, found or located. Possible Stepper motor malfunction or timing error. No knowledge Looking for help. See 2 videos of scan bar described above.

Thanks in Advance
Hank from HI-Tech

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