Oct 10, 2019
Hello! First of all sorry if you find some writing or grammar errors.

I have a Brother RJ4250WB. I traveled to the US and bought that one with the idea of using it with a bluetooth barcode scanner. Brother told me this was possible and they made me buy a zebra LI4278. I was able to pair the scanner with the printer with no problems, but the issue appears when I try to print.

I send an excel database and the label design to the printer, and then I proceed to scan any barcode of my items. The printer receives the barcode and waits por the printing command (^FF) that is also a barcode. So I scan this command and the printer prints but the label comes out empty. It's like the printer knows it has to print but doesn't know what to print. (If I print from my computer connected with USB it prints right, so it´s not a problem with the label roll or the printing)

I have called Brother in many occasions, we even had remote sessions, and everything is set correctly. I have also called Zebra for help with the scanner but the problems seems to be in the printer or the database.

I know this is something difficult but if someone has this printer or something similar and know how to make it work, I´d really appreciate your help because it's impossible for me to travel back and return the printer now. Brother told me what to buy and now they can´t help me so I'm really pissed off.

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