Cheap Ink Toner (Canon Lazer Printer)???

Feb 5, 2013
Hello everyone, whelp I finally opted to go from inkjet to laser printing. As a company we do ALOT of printing (and I mean alot).

Where I read these Canon toner cartridges have a yield of roughly 3400 pages... 7 reams of paper :(. This coupled with the fact these cartridges are over 120 dollars a piece WOW! For our printing needs we are looking for alternative ink options.

With this being said I opted to search for cheaper toner and noticed a BIG difference in the print quality... atleast with the one company I went with... It is almost as if the ink was watered down.. blues are not as vibrant (lighter way way lighter...).

Does anyone have any recommendations as to where to buy decent quality toner cartridges at a far more reasonable rate? I mean close to 500 dollars for a 7 ream printout? Come on really lol.


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