Cheapest inkjet AIO with PostScript / native CMYK printing (and RAW scanning) support

Discussion in 'Printer Discussion' started by janos666, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. janos666


    Aug 26, 2013
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    It's a mixed situation because it's a part of my secondary job to calibrate printers (I have a spectrophotometer and a colorimeter which I use to calibrate monitors, printers, cameras, scanners, etc and I have the knowledge about how to set up an accurate color managed workflow for anybody with the appropriate hardware). So you may think I am also picky about my own output devices (and I partly am, just not about my printer/AIO because I don't print much :p).

    On the other hand, I don't really print/scan a lot and most of that are black and white documents (may be with some grayscale charts). But sometimes I want to print some high resolution color images at home with decent quality and correct colors. And it's a real pain that I theoretically know how to make a decent printer to output correct colors, but I always have some cheap entry level (stupid) printer/AIO device at home which usually stops working as soon as the warranty period ends. :mad:

    So now, after my last PhotoSmart unit died, I decided to buy "a real printer" which means "a printer with CMYK inks and a driver which accepts CMYK (usually a PostScript or a proprietary PS emulator driver)".
    But the fact remains that I really don't print too much (and even less color images), so I still want something relatively cheap.

    I proved to be really hard to find cheap AIOs with PostScrip support. One candidate I could come up is the HP 251dw. But to be hones, I want something even cheaper. It would also buy an older used mode too (not too old though, something from >=2011 which wasn't used too extensively and has some life left).

    It's less important but it would also be nice if the scanner part would also have a kind of "RAW mode" (even if it's standard RGB than it can be permanently configured for lowest levels of post-processing).

    Does anybody have any suggestions?
    New or used AIO with PostScript / CMYK driver for <=200$?
    janos666, Aug 26, 2013
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  2. janos666


    Jun 27, 2013
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    Colorado Springs, CO, USA
    I'm baffled why you need a CMYK driver. Other than professional printing presses that commercial printers use, every other inkjet I'm aware of accepts RGB data, and the o/s print driver or the printer firmware itself converts to CMYK (and other colors that may be available, such as PM, PC, Red, and Green on my Canon 9000-2).

    Photoshop can work with CMYK channels. Is that an option?
    l_d_allan, Sep 12, 2013
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