Duplex printing backwards and upside down?

Jun 15, 2021
Hi all,

I have a OKI MB471w printer which has been great - does everything I need it to without any issues.

The only thing which is driving me crazy is duplex printing on headed paper. I have 2 paper trays, one blank and one headed paper. The issue doesn't affect the blank paper for the obvious reason that you can't tell which side is which.

The issue is that if I duplex print it pulls the paper through then pulls it back and prints the first page of the document on the backside, upside down, then it prints the second page on the front of the paper, also upside down. I've fiddled with every setting I can find but can't find why it does that. Does it from multiple PCs (it's networked) and from Word or printing pdf's etc.

I've asked around and the only answer I get is that the paper is upside down - which it isn't because when it prints a single page it prints the correct way up on the front of the paper - it's only duplex printing that has the issue.

Any ideas? At the moment the only solution I have is to flip the paper when I know something is coming - but that's frustrating when there must be an answer.

Thanks a lot.

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