Epson Perfection 2450 Scanner Running on Win 11

Feb 14, 2024
This is a summary of how I got my old 2450 scanner running on Windows 11 ...
1. Download the driver file from the Epson website. To get a useable driver, you will need to tell it your operating system is Windows Vista.
2. Run the downloaded file in compatibility mode. Right click on the file → properties → compatibility → run file in compatibility mode with Windows Vista Service pack 2 → apply → ok → run as administrator.
3. Proceed with the installation, including the Epson Scan app (it contains the actual driver).
4. Power up the scanner and plug it into the computer.
5. Pair the driver with the scanner. Start → Settings → Device Manager → Imaging Devices → Epson Scanner (rt click) → Update Driver → Browse → Pick → Epson → Epson 4990 → Next → Yes (installs it) → close
6. Download and install the NAPS2 app from (free open source scanning software).
7. Open the NAPS2 app and create a profile for the scanner. Be sure to select the twain option and the enable auto save option (with the destination file path for the completed scans). Save the profile.
8. To scan, open the NAPS2 app, select the profile of the scanner you want to use and hit scan. Don't use the Epson Scan software. It has issues with Win 11.

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