EPSON WorkForce

Oct 21, 2018
Hi, am new here, but have come across a peculiar issue:

I have an Epson WF 7620 that worked very well for the initial 2 years or so. Recently it has started smearing every 5th or 7th line dramatically (beyond legible). I have tried everything, from printhead alignment, to nozzle cleaning etc. nothing helped. i resorted eventually to using high quality print, which is super slow and, while better than smudged areas, is overall much worse than the clean printed areas. I mostly use Office SW, mainly Word.

Now, here is the interesting thing:
when i print from my laptop (word or pdf) the result is as described above, however, if i use my iPhone and the Epson print app for iOS, and print from pdf, i get a crystal-clear print with no smudging at all! i have tried comparing the print settings to understand if the PC settings create this, but there is no (visible difference- apart form the fact that the iOS settings are much more simple).

Any help much appreciated, as i would hate to have to print everything via pdf and my phone.

Thanks, all!


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