HELP - rear manual feed tray for my Brother MFC J5720DW

Jan 9, 2021

I am stumped :)

I have just taken apart my MFC J5720DW to clean ink absorbers, and repair some mechanical faults.

I do remember it being a struggle to get the top cover off, because it has a deep rear paper feed, that prevents you pushing the cover far back to pull out the plastic hinges. This is complicated by the fact there are gears connected to the tray for driving the rear feed.

So - I thought putting it back together would be easier - nope ( not for me anyway )

I cannot the cover back on AND get the gears to engage - especially as one of the gears has a plastic plug that goes through it, and it is almost impossible to reach when the cover is half hinged up?

Anyways , nothing on youtube, so Is there anybody who might be able to explain what I am doing wrong/ ( ex- Brother engineer? )

Many Thanks



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