HL-L8350CDW looking for network service explanation

May 11, 2015
Hi again!

I have a Brother HL-L8350CDW printer.

On the administrative webpage, under Network, Service, I see these 6 services listed:


(The number 123412341234 above represents the serial number of this printer.)

What are these 6 services? I tried looking for an explanation of what they are, but could not find them. Are they print queues? Filters? If so, how does the user select which one of these they want to use?

A web search also proved fruitless, finding a lot of other unrelated pages, and other people asking the same thing.

I want to experiment with disabling some of these, but couldn't find a setting that I could change. There's no "Enable" checkbox, that I could clear. There were checkboxes for various network protocols, in my case TCP/IP and IPP. I tried clearing the checkbox from both of these protocols, but that did not seem to have an effect. The services still show up as enabled.

Does anybody know anything more about these services?

In particular, I'm trying to find a way to stop the printer from accepting a binary file that it couldn't understand and wrongly rendering it as ASCII text, running to hundreds of pages of gibberish characters. I'd much rather have the printer simply reject these incompatible files, instead of wasting paper trying to print what it doesn't understand.


Josh Lehan

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