HP Office Jet 6830 Printhead Error Last Ditch Effort

Sep 13, 2020
I went through the process shown in
in replacing the printer head and new cartridges. The only thing that changed is I went from “Error 091x0xc19a0003 Problem with Print Head’ to simply ‘Problem with print head’.

At this point, I’m willing to sacrifice damage by trying other options.

This is the only optimism I have here:

After cycling a few times I can see the screen goes through its boot cycle. I see a screen that I want flash (the screen showing the ink levels) but then it jumps directly into the error screen.

I can also check the ink levels and they all show full.

I’m guessing there is a dirty sensor somewhere that is triggering the error. I would be OK overriding this switching (if this was the case).

Does anyone have any insight on this?

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