Hp officejet 4500 problem

Jan 31, 2013
Good day everybody.

I am new here and would like to say happy time to everyone.

Well, I will start giving you headache :)

I recently bought Hp officejet 4500, tried to install it on windows7x32 several times with no luck.
Unfortunately, I am not getting sufficient support from HP.
During installation it did not detect usb connection, sometimes detect wired network connection sometimes Not !!!.
Changed printer cables, changing usb plugin location also with no luck, no problem if it works on network will be sufficient as my daughter needs it for school then I will figure how to get it worked using usb.

Always HP print and scan doctor detects wired network connection, print and scan successfully but HP solution center always failed to lunch.

One thing I need to mention that I had HP F2400 was on this machine, I removed all related software and drivers using strong uninstaller (REVO uninstaller) but it is still on list, I tried HP removal utility also but it is still there, also I tried to remove it using windows command printui /s /t2 with no luck.:eek:

I will be much grateful and happy if somebody helped me on this issue.:D

Thanks and best regards.:)

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