HP Officejet 6600 internet access

Dec 31, 2011
I have a HP Officejet 6600 that I would like to block internet access to, but I still need it to communicate with my local network. I've found no options on the printer menu for this. As soon as it talks to the net, it bans my ink cartridge and I have to factory reset the machine.
I found one option on the router(Asus RT-AC66U): The Guest Network provides Internet connection for guests but restricts access to your Intranet.
But I need the opposite.
Thanks for any info.
Jun 28, 2023
Lol that's the easy

Simply change the dns on the printer nic card , remove obtain from server or auto in DNS
Put in a nonsense value like 1234 4321 for each one.

I did this 3 months ago to block a server computer from doing the same exact thing . Due to the fact that server mfg kept shutting down the server weekly . Then kept lying about it . To get us to switch to cloud based server (pay more ) we already licenses the server for $700 a month.

So remember this is for the printer network interfaces. Not your pc. If you do this on your pc same thing will happen , no internet, but lan will be fine.

The printer will stay on the LAN because it doesn't need a Domain Name Server . You should be able to network connect to it and print , scan etc .

To announce and co ordinate with .

It only needs DNS for the inter-network and world wide web. Although I would NOT advise it , you can check for updates in printer interface, then watch printer fail, on check for updates .

The better way to verify is to try and access the printer web interface. Be sure it's not a local interface though . (Check url /domain address)

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