Officejet 6600 won't print in black and white with depleted yellow cartridge.

Oct 17, 2014
Is there any way around this?

This is my roommate's all-in-one machine. She swears she replaced all her color cartridges not long ago and hardly used the printer at all since. She tried to print out something in just black and white today but the stupid thing said on the front read-out that the "depleted" yellow cartridge needs to be replaced in order to print out anything.

Is the cartridge REALLY depleted or could the printer be lying?
How can one really tell how much ink is actually in a cartridge when the integrity of the machine's 'depleted" message is is in question? They don't put sight windows on cartridges.

Could the cartridge really be empty though it has hardly ever been used since new?
Is it possible to get jipped at the factory by the cartridge maker, HP?

I just did an interesting experiment with my Deskjet 1520. I pulled out the combination color cartridge (has all three colors, red, yellow and blue, in a single unit) and it still can print in black and white only.

My roomie's 6600 has three separate color cartridges and one black cartridge.

What is recommended?
Repair printer in shop?
Get a new machine?
Replace cartridge and if it still acts the same way, return the cartridge for her money back?

How can this be diagnosed cheaply?
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