i really need help buying a new printer that wont rip me off!

Dec 7, 2011
hi everyone i really need some help right now buying a new printer. let me tell you my horrible story with what i have now and to warn others not to buy a epson printer!!

what i have now and the problems with it
ok first let me say the printer i have right now has been a nightmare for me its a epson it came free with my computer. the problem(which you prob already know) is well the ink, which is mostly a problem in all printers. companies have cut down the amount of ink they put in cartridges greatly over the years to make us buy more. and with this epson they went as far as putting a inaccurate chip on the ink. in the past year ive spent a few hundred dollars on ink and i rarely print, i print game guides which are 2 pages and directions to drive somewhere and the ink is always gone, ive even broke these cartridges open and found a enormous amount of ink still in them! if you dont know about these chips let me explain them, the chips count each time you print it doesnt matter if its a huge document or picture everything gets counted as one print, instead of monitering the ink it goes by how many times you used it, so if your printer gets a paper jam even though its not printing in paper it still counts as a print. so i print a few directions and next thing u know i have to buy 60$ in ink, i even bought the cases with more ink to last longer and they dont! right now im terrafied to print anything because i never know when its going to run out. also this printer completely stops working when the chip says so and becomes unusuable until you buy ink. and ive also bought entire packs of colored ink that didnt work because the chips were bad, imagine paying 150$(3 packs) for ink that only lasted a month! but ive been dealing with it because i havent had time to research what a good new printer was to buy. this last time i was trying to print my paper got jammed and then stopped feeding, ever since day 1 the printer would crinkle the paper in the middle so im printing trying to unjam it and it says replace ink, so i have to buy more ink just so it can work again just so i can unjam it! and then before it printed the lines crooked so i calibrated it and it ran out of ink doing that! also i cleaned the nozzles and it ran out of ink after that 2 it counted it as a print. needless to say i am done with this hunk of junk

what i need
so i really really need help buying a new printer that is not going to rip me off like epson did!. what other companies put chips on there ink? what name brands force you to change your ink after a certain amount of prints so i know not to buy them? my old lexmark use to print no matter what, even if it said the ink was empty it would still allow me to print on it i might have to go back to using a 10 year old printer!. thats what im looking for is a printer that will print no matter what, can someone help me find one? i would like to buy one from best buy if you know any there that are good to buy. i want to spend around 100$ but will go higher if the ink doesnt rip me off. i know they all run out of ink pretty quick, but as long as it doesnt have a chip or stop working then its ok. so far im thinking of getting either a hp or canon or kodak but im terrafied if i buy one that they will stop printing and force me to buy more ink when i dont need it. i want a printer that doesnt completely stop working just to con me into buying new ink

thanks in advance! sorry this was so long
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Nov 30, 2011
I don't think that it was Epson's fault.
I'm using Epon printer for 3 years and had no issues. Try to use CISS instead of originals with it. Epson is really the leader among printers, as for me...
Dec 27, 2011
Here you can find best printers for your personal as well workgroup needs:
Epson Stylus NX515
Lexmark Interact S605
Lexmark Platinum Pro 905
Canon Pixma MP560
Samsung ML-2525W wireless laser printer

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