Ink Tank Printer Recommendations

Feb 20, 2018
My wife needs a new color printer. I'm tired of the outrageous prices for ink jet cartridges and the poor performance of knock-off cartridges, so I'm considering an ink tank printer. The models I'm looking at are:

* HP Smart Tank 516
* Canon Pixma G3411
* Epson EcoTank L3150

These are models that are available locally (Israel), and they might have different model numbers elsewhere.

I'm looking for long term reliability, and ink that doesn't dry up and clog the print heads when the printer isn't used for a while. Print quality should be decent but doesn't need to be outstanding for my purposes.

Duplex printing would be nice, but definitely isn't a must.

Does anyone have enough experience with these printers to make pro/con recommendations?

Any thoughts and recommendations will be most welcome. Feel free to recommend other models and I'll see if I can find them around here.


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