ip4900 dead or fixable?

Aug 8, 2022
I went to use my Pixma ip4900 for the first time in a while, to print on a DVD. Tells me it needs ink. I check and somehow while it sat it drained all the tanks.

I get new ink and replace all the tanks. Still doesn't work. Repeating 5 blinks of the yellow light. Bad print head.

So I find a new print head* and I just put it in and the orange and yellow lights blink alternately with no pauses. Google says that's ink absorber full.

So I try repeatedly to get it into service mode. It will not stay. After a couple of seconds it goes back to alternate blinks. I downloaded Service Tool v3400, the download page says its for the ip4900, and many others. All it does is say error when I try clicking the ink absorber reset.

I tried the manual reset, hold resume, then power. Release resume then press it twice, then release and press power. NOW the printer does nothing. Won't turn on.

Any way to get this thing to work or have I thrown a bunch of money away on ink and a print head? I just want to print on a few DVD and Blu-Ray discs.

*For some reason if I search for one for ip4900 I only get crazy expensive ones in the UK but if I search by print part number I get hits for much lower prices in the US, and those pages have ip4900 on them, on eBay, and eBay's search completely failed to find them searching for ip4900 print head or printhead.

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