KM 1600W Polymer toner, lets talk.

Feb 23, 2013
KM Magicolor 1600W Polymer toner, lets talk.

Greetings printer people.

So I indulged myself and went out last week and purchased myself a Konica Minolta 1600W color laser printer. This is my first color laser printer and I am fairly excited about it. Initially, printing on multipurpose 20 pound paper was adequate but nothing to get really excited about but I can work with it. However, I went out this evening and purchased myself a package of Hewlett-Packard premium choice laser paper with a 98% brightness and 32 pound weight. Now that is some seriously nice printing right there.

I purchased this laser printer at Fry's Electronics and I got it for $139.64, tax included. So not too bad, I feel like I got a fairly good deal and I'm happy with it.

But I'm not here to brag about my new Konica Minolta 1600W color laser printer. I wanted to talk about laser printer toner refills.

Konica Minolta says that this printer uses a polymer toner that has smaller particles and fuses at a lower temperature. Since this is my first color laser printer I am not at all familiar with the different types of toner refills that are available, I need some serious guidance.

I have definitely decided that I'm going to go with the refill kit route when it comes time to get refills. Buying new toner cartridges are just way too expensive. The average price for new toner cartridges for my printer are anywhere from $80 to $110 each. 440 Dollars Is Way too much for printer cartridges for a printer that was only $139.64 to start with.

I have searched around and I haven't really found any really good deals on polymer toner refill kits or refill cartridges. So I like to get some advice from you guys and gals about how you feel about using regular pulverized toner in this printer that says it requires a polymer toner.

Although many of these companies that sell toner refill kits say that they are compatible with my specific printer, none of them are saying that it is polymer toner. These companies have very high reputation on eBay and

Do you feel that using regular pulverized toner will do significant damage immediately ? Do you think the damage will come over time? Do you think it will do any damage at all?

What are some of your experiences using toners for laser printers that are not necessarily recommended for that particular printer?

So anyhow I just wanted to get some feedback on the usage regular pulverized toner vs the polymer tone that KM requires?

I would also like to get some recommendations on some really good places on the Internet to get really good deals on toner refill kits and toner cartridges, as well as reset chips.

Thank you in advance for your valuable advice and input.


David :D
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