Konica Minolta Accuriopress C2060

Sep 11, 2018
Hi all !

We recently acquire a Accuriopress C2060 printer from 2017.
All seems to work at the first look, we can see the printer on our network, we are able to send files in the printing queue from multiple pcs (both windows 7 and ubuntu).
We are also able to connect to the Fiery printing queue server with the Fiery Workstation software and by web.
But when the printer receives the file, the printing task is directly canceled.

We try with a fresh Cups server that see the printer on the network and we can add and configure it, but same resluts : file canceled directly when received by the printer.

It's been three or four days we get stuck on this.

Is there anyone who knows a little about those printers ?

I'm french, I apologize for my english mistakes

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