Kyocera printer sending file to non existing document box

Jul 24, 2014
hi all,
it's my first Thread.
OK, now the problem i got here.
we use Kyocera 250ci, 2550ci, 3550ci, 4550ci printers in my workplace. every employee got their own document box for printing.
once an employee leave the company their document box will be deleted from the printers.

i am getting calls from employees that when they print a document it is not in their document box. this happens few times by now.

what i found out is, if the document is created by Employee A and employee B is trying to print the document, the print job is going to Employee A document box instead of Employee B document box. so i have to manually edit the document box number when printing the document. but next time same issue repeats with the document. today i got a call from Employee A with the same issue. this time the document was created by Employee B who is no longer works in our company. so document box doesn't exist in the printer. because of this printer displays the message "box not found" until some one click OK, no one else print to that printer. it displays as offline in their systems.

how to get over to this problem.

please help me.


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