Looking for all-in-one inkjet printer good at photos

Jan 11, 2018

I have had appallingly bad experiences buying cheap PC printers until recently. I used to buy very cheap HP and Epson PC inkjet printers until 2016, by which time I got sick and tired of the ease in which those printers self-destructed and the vast expense of the ink involved, and how difficult it was to fix printer issues. In 2016 I was informed that Brother printers were the most reliable printers, as regards printer-errors/printer-failures, and that their ink-wastage was much less than other brands, and cheaper. I duly bought a Brother MFC-J5320DW which has indeed proven to be reliable, any errors/failures are reasonably rare, and much easier to fix compared to my previous PC printers. The slight catch is that the reviews for my current PC printer were OK, except that they claimed that it produced mediocre photos. Now, I am admittedly no photo-connoisseur/expert, but, now that I am flush with cash, I would like to maybe replace my current PC printer with some better printer.My criteria are that it is an all-in-one PC inkjet printer, that it has all the major new improvements such as duplex printing/duplex scanning/touchscreen, and that it is good for making photos as well. I do NOT wish to buy an additional photo printer as well, as I am not a professional photographer, and do not, as yet, print photos on a daily basis.Oh, and it has to also offer A3 printing like my current printer.

I have read some surveys which claim that Brother and Canon printers are the most reliable PC printer brands. I would be willing to consider other brands, but, admittedly, HP and Epson recommendations might require some solid data to convince me!

Any suggestions welcome, I am getting a bit leery of the various online tech review sites....
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Jan 3, 2018
I read some articles before and learned that Brother is good at monochrome printing and Canon has good color printing. I don't think you will find perfect Brother printer for your photo prints. If you print just photos with paper size between A6 and A3, choose dye-sublimation printer. I'm not sure how much you're expecting to pay for a photo printer, can take Canon Serlphy CP1200 into consideration.

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