Looking for LaserJet Made to be Refilled

Sep 13, 2016
I found the EcoTank printers from Epson, but I assume it's inkjet

Since i'm trying to do high quality prints at home, i'm looking for laserjet quality -

Selling prints, flyers, etc

I'm trying to find a printer that was made to be refilled

Any suggestions?

Price range $500-1500
Feb 19, 2015
For the best photo's inkjet should be your choice. Ask the internet! HP has printers that use black ink cartridge 970 and color ink 971 cyan, magenta and yellow.
It has toner like capacity and they are available in refills. The downside is HP will sometimes download new firmware to your printer and render the refill unusable, so make sure you buy them from a store that will replace them with the updated chip version if this happens. If you are using the EcoTank Epson this would not be an issue.

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