MX310 and Mac Catalina

Dec 19, 2019
I have an issue with my Canon MX310 printer. Works fine with 2011 MBP/10.15.1 connected via USB to Netgear Nighthawk router. Got a new MBP16/10.15.2. It will not connect to the MX310 direct or via USB/router (not AirPrint enabled). MBP16 can only print to the MX310 as a shared printer using the MBP2011. I have tried resetting the print system and the usual stuff Apple recommends with printer problems. Apple printer setup recognizes the MX310 but says there is no driver - contact the manufacturer. Canon says the driver is included in my OS (the Canon website recognized OS10.15.2). I realize the MX310 is a bit ancient but it still works great. I am mystified that the MBP16 cannot connect (except shared) while the MBP2011 does just fine. The only obvious difference is OS10.15.1 on the MBP2011 vs OS10.15.2 on the MBP16.

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