Print Quality Issue - Brother MFC-J6530DW

Discussion in 'Printer Repair' started by MisterM, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. MisterM


    Sep 12, 2018
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    I have a Brother Business Smart Series MFC-J6530DW printer which until recently has been printing fine. However now, with the Print Quality set to 'Normal' which is the setting I generally use for my day to day printing, my documents are illegible. The quality of printing is appalling. The only way to produce legible documents is to set the Print Quality to 'Best'. The printer is just out of its manufacturers warranty period.

    I have run the printer through its head cleaning process several times but it doesn't seem to make any difference to the print quality. I didn't really want to remove the print cartridges and try to clean the heads for fear of possibly damaging them.

    Can anyone offer any assistance as to what I could try?
    MisterM, Sep 12, 2018
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