[Problem]Continuous Paper printing

Aug 9, 2007
Hi everybody, I have a problem like you can see from the title! Recently I bought an Epson Sylus Photo R220 for my everyday printing and a little bit of photografy printing every now&then but a few days ago I came up to a little project that required printing from a continuous paper feed (for those who don't know it's like those old fax thermal paper but mine it's made from normal paper) and here's the thing: if I ask for just one copy everything works like a charm, but if I ask for two or more copies the printer prints the first one and then keeps pulling the paper until it reaches the end of it, and then it gives me one of those "end of paper" warnings. So my question is, how can I put my printer printing continuously. See, this project is very important to me, and I thought about buying another printer if that's what it takes...there's a good colour inkjet Brother printer (DCP120C) at just a few bucks near my house, but that would be an alternative.... Can I put any of these 2printers (if not one of these2,then any printer) printing on a continuous feed???? Thanks in advance

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