Problem installing LBP6650dn on Win7 puter

Oct 30, 2012
When I bought this printer, I had massive problems getting it to work on a Windows 7 Pro machine. Now I need to get it working instead with a new Win 7 Home Premium machine, and I'm getting nowhere fast ...

Following the Quick Setup Guide, I load the software disc, which does not auto-start. When I find the drive, right-click it and select "Install or run program from your media", I get a CD-ROM Setup warning

"Could not start setup under the current environment. Check the start condition of setup"

A support ticket into Canon says they should get back to me in 4-5 working days :rolleyes:

If anybody has succeeded in getting this printer installed on a Win 7 machine, I'd be really grateful if they'd share the secret of their success ...
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