Problem setting up MFC-5895cw

Oct 29, 2011
Hi there!

I just bought a MFC-5895cw. I am following the setup instructions. I insert the ink cartridges and then it self cleans and then I press "color print" for it to do a test print. All I get on the test print is a lethargic couple of blue dashes. I have redone the self cleaning and test printing with the same result. I can't imagine what I've possibly done wrong as I have followed the manual exactly. Any ideas? I'm so frustrated. I switched years ago to laser printers due to always having my injets require constant fiddling. I need a color printer that will do ledger size and this was a lot more economical than a color laser, but its ironic that not 5 minutes into the setup I'm encountering the same types of problems I had years ago with injkets!:eek:

If anyone can help I will be eternally grateful !!

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