Problem with wireless print on HL-3180CDW

Mar 29, 2021
I have owned and used my Brother HL-3180CDW color laser printer for several years. It has been working fine. It is connected to my wife's desktop via USB cable and wirelessly to my laptop. All was well until my laptop crashed. I set up a backup laptop but I cannot get the printer set up to work on my new laptop. I have done everything I can do and still cannot print. The icon shows up in devices and printers with no error messages. I went through troubleshooting and it says it cannot find an error. I downloaded and ran the wireless troubleshooting utility and it says the printer cannot be found on the network. I went through the wireless setup on the printer control panel and it says it was successful. I also checked the IP address of the printer and set the port on the printer on my laptop to the same settings and that did not help either. I used the setup disk to load the drivers and such but that didn't solve the problem either. Help! I am at my wits ends. I even went through the process of hooking up my laptop directly to the printer and it cannot find the printer that way either. The printer will still print from the desktop computer so it is indeed working, it has to do with the wireless setup somehow.


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