Samsung CLP-315 ink refill

Feb 24, 2023
Hello. I embarked on a journey to improve printing quality of my CLP-315. This includes, among other things, replenishing the toner. It seems HP stopped producing the cartridges (CLT-K4092S for black, CLT-C4092S for cyan etc.) and I third parties resells and "compatible" cartridges to be expensive, have dubious reliability or both. Plus throwing away whole cartridges seems like a huge waste. Thus I researched refilling cartridges and I found guides for how to do this, but nothing on which ink should I use. The most helpful thing were some guides telling me that wrong ink may significantly degrade printing quality.

Does anyone know what ink should I use to refill or when can I find this information? I should also mention I have no previous experience in maintaining or fixing printers. Thanks in advance.

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