Scanning using feeder (only) yields red line

Oct 14, 2011
At my company we have a color laser printer - Xerox Phaser 6180MFP-D - with a top attachment for automatic feeding for scanning, faxing and copying.

Whenever we scan (or copy, fax) using the top automatic feeder ONLY, it yields a thin red vertical line along the middle entire page. Whenever we scan (copy, fax) using the glass bed, this does not happen.

I attached an example of this line (I blocked out some sensitive information with rectangles, but you should get the idea).

Clearly, something in the automatic feeder/scanning portion of the printer has a problem(possibly wet ink mishap?) which is causing only the automatically-feeded jobs to be affected. I inspected and cleaned the rollers and areas around the automatic feeder as best I could, but it still has the same intensity to the red line (that is, my cleaning didn't seem to help at all).

My questions are this:
- What could be causing this? Printer flaw, dirty roller, etc?
- Is this something I can fix myself, or would it be easier just to pay for repair at this point?

I don't have much experience with printers, beyond replacing normal parts and doing basic maintenance.


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