Started a small business ,what printer to buy !???

Jan 10, 2012
First of all GREETINGS FROM CROATIA and sorry for all spelling mistakes :)
My friend and me started a small business and we don't know what kind of printer to buy.
We need printer for printing obituaries :( . I know its a bit morbid but i could really your expertise. I estimate that i will print about 10.000 obituaries per year . So printer don't need to be new, laser or something with special quality or printing with 100 pages per min. I need regular black/white printer for printing mostly letters on A4 paper and on this A4 paper all 4 edges must be about 1 inch completely black. That would require a lot of black paint so printer don't need to be with cartridge but with something that has a lot of black. I have few places where man can buy used printers but i just need your advice on what kind .

Thanks a lot !!! :)

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