Suddenly Not Printing

Jul 7, 2018
I have a Pixma G2010 printer, living in Thailand where I bought it and have Windows 10 OS. The printer has been perfect for 1 1/2 years and suddenly stopped printing(i.e. it sounds like it's beginning but then stops. I checked the ink level(I use black ink ab;out 95% of the time) and saw that it was low, so I bought a replacement bottle and filled the tank up. Then I tried to print something. The printer went thru the motions - paper flowed thru, the printhead was obviously trying to print, but no ink went thru the printhead, so the page came out blank.. No documents were shown to be in the que. I assume the problem is that the printhead is clogged. How to fix? BTW, I also disconnected and reconnected the USB cable with no results.

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