Unable to print test page using HP LJ 1007

May 3, 2009
Hello all,

Recently I am facing a issue that I cannot print. I have Windows XP operating system. I installed the printer HP LJ 1007 on Windows XP desktop and was able to successfully print the test page as well as print other documents.

Few days back I noticed that I was not able to print even the test page. The only change I made was, I moved virtual memory page size from my C drive to H drive which had ample disk space. H drive is on secondary hard disk where C drive is on primary hard disk. My operating system is installed on C drive. Does that change caused the printer not to print?

I tried the falling.
1. I uninstalled the driver using the HP cd.
2. Restarted my machine.
3. Installed the driver from the HP Cd.

Still I am not able to print the test page. The Printer doesnt show up the red icon (which indicates a pending job). I dont see any error pop-up. Also the printer is not jammed. The only thing that happens when I click the Test page is the print symbol appears in the system tray and vanishes immediately without printing. I restored the original values of virtual memory page size but still couldnt get rid of the problem.

I had setup this printer on different Windows XP machine and I was able to print the test page.

I contacted my local hardware person. He did the same thing which I tried of
reinstallation of driver however the problem didnt resolved. Instead he recommended me to reinstall windows XP. I dont know whether reinstallation would really solve the issue or not. However I cannot reinstall OS since I had already installed other applications on it.

Can anyone suggest me any alternative which, I might be missing out ? I preferably want to differ reinstallation of OS.

Waiting for your replies.



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