HP OfficePro 8500-no printing

Apr 3, 2016
HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 A910, HP TouchSmart Desktop, Windows 10, USB hub.

Cannot get printer to recognize the print que. The printer was not used for a long time so I had to change all the ink cargridges. When I turned it on it went through the usual self check then the printhead cleaning process. When that was done the window suggested the printhead(s) may need to be changed. I removed them and cleaned the electrical contacts on the printheads and the ones on the machine. There was some ink on the printheads but otherwise all was clean.

The printer did (I'm not sure what I did to start that) print out a test page with color and B&W but otherwise the printer doesn't seem to recognize the print que.

Thinking maybe the USB hub was at fault I plugged the USB cable directly into a couple of connectors on the Computer. Still no printing.

However the printer prints from the FAX and scanner. I suppose there could be something amiss with the USB cable.

Installed another cable but it still refuses to print.

Any suggestions? I'm at wits end here


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