Oce IM 6020

Apr 28, 2011
We lease Oce copiers for our school. One of them recently stopped printing, without explanation. I could still ping it, and access it via the web interface.

They tried replacing main boards inside, and they kept failing. They replaced the copier with a slightly different model (IM 6020), but I'm having the same problem. I can ping it, and I don't have an issue with duplicate IP addresses on our LAN. I can access the copier via a web browser. I've downloaded what I thought were the correct drivers for Windows Server 2003 Standard 32bit. Still, we can't print. The technician from Oce thinks it is a network problem in our school; or a problem with the print server. All of my other network printers work fine, including the other two Oce copiers.

Any ideas? Thanks.


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