Ricoh IM 5000 2 sided copy issue

Nov 29, 2022
I hope someone can help. I work as a systems administrator for a tech-forward retirement community. Our main front desk printer/copier has this bizarre issue that I can't seem to fix.

In the copy screen, there is an option for 1 sided -> 2 sided combine, which will take 2 originals and print them on either side of one page. This is all well and good, but this copier by default *always* has it enabled. If one were to de-select it, it will stay for around 10 seconds before it's automatically selected again. I've combed through the settings both in front of the machine and in the backend, and all it looks like I am able to do is either turn off duplex entirely, or leave it how it is. We've had multiple requests to turn this feature off, and it's becoming a little embarrassing that I can't change this seemingly very simple issue. I've searched all through our help manuals and I can't find any conclusive literature on this.

Anyone have any experience with Ricoh that can lend a hand on this? I'm out of ideas. Cheers.

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